Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Q: How much should I expect my bridesmaids to be willing to spend on their dresses?

A: Expenses for attendants can add up quickly, from travel -- attendants coming from far away are expected to pay their own transportation costs -- to clothing to participation in parties and showers. Some may find themselves invited to attend or participate in several weddings in the same year, which can cause serious financial stress. Keep this in mind when you ask a friend or relative to be in your wedding.

In order to avoid hearing grumbles about money, choose a bridesmaid that is reasonably priced -- ask your bridesmaids what they consider reasonable since they are the ones who will be spending the money -- or work together with your party to find a dress that’s both within their style and budget. Brides are not required to pay for bridesmaid dresses, but if you want your maids to wear something more expensive, consider adding it to your own budget or paying for half. Try to mitigate expenses elsewhere too -- if they’re buying the dresses, don’t make them buy jewelry and shoes too.

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