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Basic Package $1,500
Deluxe Package $2,500
Listed below is our Premium Consulting Package $3,850

Wedding Day Preparation Services:

*One Certified Master Event Planner
Our Certified Master Event Planner has been in the Event Industry over 25 years, completed hundreds of events, and has been honored with several Industry Awards.
*4 Certified Assistant Planners
Each of our Assistant Planners has completed Genesis Master of Evens’ intensive internship program.  Our planners are held to our highest standards and happy to assist you all aspects of the wedding planning process. Whether they are helping you choose your venue or simply choosing a napkin fold they are trained to help you with the finest details.
Unlimited in office consultations
You are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with our Master Planner or any of the Certified Assistants.
Unlimited email contact
You and your bridal party will have access to all your assigned planners to ask any questions that may arise relating to your wedding planning process.
Unlimited phone consultations (including text messaging)
Many brides use this form of communication for quick responses to questions.
Assist in budget creation and management
Initially we develop your budget based on your priority list and continue to refine your budget through the process.
Ceremony and reception venue search and recommendations
Based on your vision, and overall concept, we recommend locations that will suit your goals and desired outcome.
Vendor research and recommendations
We have an extensive vendor recommendation list.  These vendors have been through our vendor orientation process and have signed our vendor etiquette form, as well as, offer our brides generous discounts.  Although we are not limited to working with only the vendors we recommend, we do require all vendors attend an orientation and sign our vendor etiquette form to continue working with us in the future.
*Contract and price negotiation
We will be happy to meet with your choice of vendors and suggest discounts we feel may be appropriate to your event(s).
*Person to person vendor meeting
To ensure there are no misunderstandings or miscommunication, we will meet in person with your chosen vendors to deliver color swatches, vision boards, and itineraries.
Vendor etiquette expectation meeting
Our vendors are required to follow our strict code of ethics which includes a strict dress code, no drinking alcohol during hours of service as well as no fraternization policy.
Our 3 page vendor etiquette form is available for your review.
Provide wedding checklists and time lines
We will provide you with personalized timeliness that are developed based on your schedule and your personal needs.
                        Develop wedding time line
                                    We will customize your wedding day time line to include all your special moments.
*Provide a complete detailed calendar of events, and payment schedules
Your custom calendar of events and payment schedules are built using your choice of vendors and your wedding time line.
Etiquette advice
Our advice is based on traditional etiquette paired suggestions we feel will work best based on your family dynamic.
Design & decor advice and planning
                   Event space layout
                              We will customize your venue layout based on your desired event outcome.
                  Floor plan
                              We will design a custom floor plan to ensure your vision becomes a reality.
                  Compile décor & rental list
We will compile a list of necessary rental and décor items such as; lighting, table ware, linens, & dance floor along with prices and recommendations.
       *Assist bride in customization of ceremony   
Every bride wants a ceremony that is unique.  Genesis will provide suggestions for ceremony layout, personalization of ceremony wording, and customization of your vows.
      *Assist in creative photography shot list    
By understanding your overall wishes, we are able to develop a shot list for you and your photographer to capture you in the uniqueness of your venue.  We will research the venue for little “nooks” and “hide–a–ways”.  We will be creative in order to capture the “never seen before” ideas that will last forever on film.                     
*Assist in travel and accommodation recommendation for out of town guests
With our experience and great working relationship with numerous local hotels and travel agents, we are able to assist you and your guests in accommodating all your needs.
*Provide suggested weekend itineraries and maps for out of town guests
We will provide local interest information that will help make your wedding weekend “the wedding to remember”.
* Contact & keep bridal party informed through email with reminders and itineraries
Once you have provided us all your contact’s information we will keep them informed on important dates.
Wedding Participant Packages
We mail out a folder to each of those who are important to the success of your wedding day.  This includes an introduction letter from Genesis Master of Events with an over view of the services we are providing for your wedding.  It also includes contact information and a welcome invitation to contact Genesis with any questions or concerns involved in the process of planning your wedding.
The packets include common expected costs, etiquette, and expectations. We have included toast suggestions, common mistakes made by the bridal party, and shower & party ideas.
Individual folders provided for:
Bride & Groom
                        Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids
Best Man & Groomsmen
 Flower girl & Ring bearer
Mother & Father of the Bride
Mother  & Father of the Groom
*Coordinate accommodations & transportation for bride & groom
We will be happy to pair you with the perfect night stay desired transportation.
Wedding Party Services:
We will advise you on any of your pre-wedding day parties. The following services are for advice only. Additional charges apply for organization of each event based on the size of the event.
Our staff has developed a packet of offers from local restaurants who offer our clients special pricing. This packet is available for pick up in our office.
Engagement Party Assistance
            Theme development
We will help you create the perfect theme for the celebration to “kick off” the beginning of your wedding day planning and process.
            Venue research
We will offer you suggestions to host your occasion that fits your theme and your budget.
            Vendor recommendation
With such a large selection of vendors to choose from, we will help narrow down your choices while understanding your budget and specific needs.
Bridesmaids’ Luncheon
Theme development
Whether you want an old fashion tea party or a complete spa package we will help you by suggesting the perfect bonding moment for you and your party.
            Venue research
The perfect thank you luncheon requires the perfect atmosphere.  We will give you suggestions that help create the perfect setting.
We also have a great collection of discounts in our custom coupon book for many of our beautiful local spas and beauty service providers that are available for pick in our office.
Bachelorette Party
            Theme development
We will provide your Maid of Honor with suggestions to create a lasting memory for your last night out as a single girl!
            Venue research
Your Maid of Honor will be offered a list of recommended locations that will aid her in her planning process including our vendor incentives. (Restaurant & spa packages are available for pick-up in our office.)
Rehearsal Dinner
            Venue research
We have an extensive list of vendor incentives for you to take advantage of when planning your Rehearsal dinner.

Week of Wedding Services:
                        Vendor confirmation
                                    Confirm all details with vendors and distribute expected arrival time and itinerary.
                        Collect all personal items to be delivered and set up at ceremony and reception
You may deliver your personal items to be set up at the ceremony or reception so you do not have to worry about keeping track of them.  We will ensure they are safely delivered and setup in their desired location.
                        Bridal party reminders
We will email the bridal party and rehearsal attendees and include a map with contact information to ensure everyone arrives on time and is ready to practice for the big day.

Rehearsal Service:
*Develop lay out & itinerary for ceremony rehearsal
Together we will develop your ceremony lay out as well as rehearsal plan for your attending party.
*Meet with all wedding day participants to review procedures, etiquette, and expectations
We will attend and assist your bridal party in directing your wedding rehearsal.  All attendees will be escorted through the process.  By the end of the rehearsal each person will have full understanding of the expectations for their part in the wedding day.
Provide a detailed printed schedule of ceremony events, roles, and responsibilities
After rehearsal, everyone will receive a handout of their roles and responsibilities as well as an itinerary of the wedding day.
Collect and confirm wedding day contact information
We will distribute our planners’ contact information and confirm or correct our information for the bridal party.
Wedding Day Service:
    * 4-6 wedding day planners & assistants
            These assistants will be present to aid in direction of the event.
Assistants will act as hostess for the needs of the guests, as well as, the overall success of the event.
Provide wedding day direction (supervision of ceremony & reception)
This includes direction and supervision of the vendors, services, and running the time line.  Genesis staff will make adjustments as needed.  Therefore, you will be free to enjoy your day and your guests.  You will be notified 10 minutes before each scheduled event is to take place to ensure your preparation and peace of mind.  It is our goal for you to enjoy your day with no anxiety or need to “watch the clock”.

 Placement of personal items
Our assistants will place your personal items. (Guest book, cake knife & server, head table toasting glasses)
Wedding planners & assistants are not allowed to construct or assemble items not purchased through Genesis Master of Events nor are they allowed to set up heavy equipment, tables, or chairs. 
Coordinate deliveries
We will direct all deliveries to the desired location and make recommendations for adjustments.
*Distribute final payments
      Genesis will distribute final payments and tips as required and suggested.
Secure gifts & cards
      1 attendant will be assigned to secure your gift table and cards to ensure their safety.
“Fine-tune” all details of the ceremony and reception
      Our detail oriented staff will ensure every detail is finely-tuned to perfection.
Collect and secure all wedding keepsakes of the Bride and Groom/wedding party
Our planners will ensure your cake knife, guest book, champagne glasses, and other keepsake items will be retrieved, cleaned, and safely stored.
 *Coordinate rental returns
We will contact and keep in communication with the rental companies to ensure all rental items are ready for pick-up.
Pack “mid night snack”
We collect a group of samples, from your menu, for the bride and groom to take back to their room and enjoy a little mid-night snack.
Secure all guests belongings left behind
During our search and recovery portion of the evening, we cover all areas of the venue and collect any items left behind.  We will store these items in our office for pick-up at a later date.
We will remain on site until the event’s end.
      We are the last to leave your event to ensure your protection from start to finish.

Post Wedding Day Services:
                  Rental return coordination
 Our staff will coordinate with your rental companies to ensure all rentals will be returned as agreed to ensure the return of your deposits.
Personal item storage
            We are happy to store your keepsakes safely until you are able to pick them up.
Coffee/tea meeting
As we reminisce over coffee or tea, we will enjoy looking at the beautiful photos together of the wonderful event we were able to help you create. 

Additional Services Available.